The Free Society Länkarna in Handen, popularly Handenlänkarna, is a sovereign independent non-profit organization whose purpose is to help people with alcohol and other drug dependency to live a sober, drug-free and meaningful life. If they choose.
At the annual meeting that we have around the end of February / March we choose the Board of Directors, auditors, the Nomination Committee and the other trust functions that the Annual Meeting decides on.

Länkarnas mellansvenska (mittle Swedish) District
To the immediate area to keep in touch with others Länk-societies Handenlänkarna are members of Länkarna in the district.
In the district we have one in spring district meeting selected a länkråd (counsel) which has the task of bringing our interests against regional authorities, organize studies and other joint activities. Districts The meeting also elects auditors, the Nomination Committee, and others.

The free societies of Länkarnas confederation
Confederation matter is that at the annual meeting to make joint decisions Länksällskapen (societies) in Sweden. The board will primarily enforce common decisions and be responsible for key contacts with authorities and otherwise exploit member associations.

70 år
Länkrörelsen 70 year 2015