Basic Rules

for the Free Societies Länkarna in Handen

§1 Purpose
The free societies Länkarna in Sweden has the purpose to help people with alcohol and other drug dependency to live a sober, drug-free and meaningful life. If they choose.

§2 Operation
The Society of Länkarna work based on Länkrörelsen nonprofit and moral programs - The Seven Points - the members' own experience and Länkarnas Community.

§3 Freedom of opinion
Society Länkarna are completely free from the influence of political parties, religious communities, temperance organizations and authorities.

§4 Transparency
State and municipal authorities must not, even if funding is granted, obtain insight into societies operating in other than on the administration of grants from them and public funds.

§5 Membership
Membership in the Society of Länkarna can be obtained by alcohol and other drug dependency if they so wish.
Mom. 1 Member should not be a member of the organization that requires temperance pledge.
Mom. 2 membership fee is decided locally at the annual meeting.
Mom. 3 membership cards, membership pins and ev. other awards awarded as locally decided intervals.

§ 6 Supporting membership
As a supporting member count codependency, family members and related persons or companies and individuals who wish to support the activities of financial and / or practical.

§ 7 Transition to another association
Members who wish to move to another association will the transition be able to demonstrate clear membership book and have the transition attested by the Board of Handenlänkarna.

§8 Loss of membership
Member who violated the Society's statutes, local rules and regulations or acted in a way that harmed Handenlänkarna and Länk-movement, can be ruled out after the decision was taken at a minuted membership meeting. Member may, however, upon application and the Board's assessment obtaining new membership.

§9 Meeting Operations
Mom. 1 Community Meetings of voluntary content should be held at least once a week all members on a specific date.
Mom. 2 Protocol Implemented association meetings should be held every month.
Mom. 3 Annual meeting to be held before the end of March.

§ 10 Voting rights and eligibility
Entitled to vote and stand as a candidate, each member, that the last six months refrained from alcohol and other drugs, and actively participated in the Länkarnas fellowship.
Mom. 1 Voting by proxy is not valid.
Mom. 2 Member who, after relapse refrained from alcohol and other drugs in at least two months.
Mom. 3 Supporting members have no voting rights.
The Society of few members may candidate shortages give electoral rights to members with shorter sobriety.

§ 11 Nomination
The Nomination Committee elected at the annual meeting and should consist of people with a good knowledge of the society and its members.

§12 The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors elected at the annual meeting and shall consist of at least three people: president, secretary and treasurer. These are selected alternately in two years, and possibly other members of the Board for one year at a time. The board is full quorum of at least three members are fully in agreement.
The Board consists of more members, more than half fully agree.
Any election during the working year can be made at minuted association meeting.
Board members who relapse into addiction regains not automatically from the Board after two months of sobriety.

§13 The Board's duties
The Board shall safeguard the Society's interests and represent the same outward, responsible for the Society's affairs and finances, prepare meetings and implement the decisions taken.
As a signatory's chairman, treasurer and secretary, two jointly.
The Board shall include in its work to follow Societies of Länkarna statutes and idéprogrammet, The Seven Points.
Board meeting should be held once a month.

§14 Accounts and audit
Society's accounts covering the calendar year and shall be audited by two auditors elected at the annual meeting. Their disposal shall be made necessary material and Audit report should reach the Board in advance of the annual meeting.

§15 Dissolution of the organisation
Proposals relating to the Society's resolution can only be upheld if it is supported by at least 75% of the Society's members.
Decisions on the dissolution of the society shall be taken at two consecutive minuted meetings. Upon dissolution of the Society, its potential assets funded in the länkråd as the Society belonged, to be distributed, we eventual reboot / relaunch of the organisation within the Council.

§16 Statutes
Amendment of these statutes can only be made by decision at two consecutive National Meetings. For change to occur, the decision upheld by at least ¾ of the delegates present.
Draft amendments to the statutes can only be unchanged as exercise from the Länkråd.